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21 dicembre 2022
Case History Wrike

The company chose Yourbiz for the Demand Generation-wise optimization of its internal process management – mapping and digitizing every activity with Wrike’s support. Discover the results this partnership brought.

Process mapping and digitization is a service Yourbiz has specialized in over recent years, bringing several benefits to companies. The latest client we challenged ourselves with is Ideazione Spazio, a Verona-based company with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry.


We teamed up with leading work management platform Wrike to implement a new pipeline that could be shared with Ideazione Spazio external partners. We also digitized and streamlined the entire process while increasing team member efficiency.



The client’s goal

Ideazione Spazio is a private-sector company engaged in the management of the documentation relating to Italy’s bonus 110% for house renovation projects.


One of its biggest challenges was mapping the paperwork management process of the bonus, giving it concrete form through the creation of a flowchart. Then, the goal was to implement it into specific software, thus improving the process with automation and efficiency improvements.



Our strategy: process mapping and implementation of the perfect software

We divided the client’s needs into two macro-interventions:

  1. The implementation of software that goes beyond the simple creation of a to-do list and allows having each paperwork state under control – thus helping better focus on projects that are nearing closure.
  2. The improvement of documentation management concerning a single paperwork task.


The first activity we conducted for the client was process mapping, which means tracking all the tasks performed in the company. This way, we were able to identify every single step, detect some points of improvement, and standardize the process for the whole department.

Case History Wrike Processo

In the picture: the paperwork managing process written in the form of a flowchart, which involves all existing variables and the actions to be performed in each case.


Alongside mapping, the only thing left was to identify the platform that mostly matched the client's needs and made it possible to follow the process with order and efficiency.


Wrike was the work management software of choice for several reasons, notably because it allows for

  • Project replicability and scalability through the creation of a Blueprint – a customizable model containing all the ‘standard’ activities that must be included in a project. With Blueprints, projects can be replicated in a matter of seconds.
  • The ability to monitor and assign project timing and deadlines.
  • In-platform collaboration via comments and documentation exchanges between different users on the platform.
  • The proofing and approval of project assets directly on the platform.
  • Immediate visibility into the progress of every single project.
  • The overall assessment of project progress with ad hoc reporting – in order to focus resources on projects that are nearing closure.
Case History Wrike Diagramma Gantt

In the picture: part of the process written on Wrike (this is the Gantt chart display of the tasks belonging to a single project)


The last step involved staff training and the related drafting of a manual – so that the company can have all the necessary instructions on hand in order to better harness Wrike’s platform and optimize the process.



The final result

Wrike has proven to be the best platform for this project’s requirements. In fact, thanks to our skills and Wrike’s innovative work management features, we were able to achieve the following in a very short time:

  • Process standardization – we created an ad hoc process for the client, which is optimized and easy to replicate
  • Timing optimization – thanks to automation, once the previous task is completed the system moves on to the next task and notifies the assignee. This way, the time spent on paperwork management is visibly reduced.
  • Centralized management – file sharing and conversations always take place on one platform.



Enrico Dusi – the owner of Ideazione Spazio – was delighted with the outcome:

“We entrusted Yourbiz earlier this year when we decided to implement a new pipeline in Wrike to be shared with external partners of our company – technical firms, businesses, and much more – that are still part of our production process. Therefore, we managed to optimize the departments’ communication procedures – both internal and external – and execution times, ensuring better control over execution and sales processes. Yourbiz immediately understood our needs, showing great empathy for our goals. And the company was always on hand to offer support.”


The partnership was so fruitful that the activities with Ideazione Spazio are ongoing with increasingly better results.

Do you wish to get more and faster results and increase your department's productivity? Optimize your company processes with Yourbiz and Wrike.